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Summer Food Service Program

Summer 2019 Summer Food Service Program Site Application & Agreement Information

The Food Bank of Lincoln began sponsoring Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sites during summer 2018. Since the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department will no longer be participating as an SFSP sponsor, we are planning on expanding our program by increasing the number of sites under our sponsorship next year.

The exact number of sites we will sponsor is still unknown, but please note that if your site is within walking distance of a larger SFSP site applicant you may be asked to consider joining their meal service program. Your site is not required to be under the Food Bank of Lincoln’s sponsorship. You are welcome to seek another SFSP sponsor or look into sponsoring your own site.

Please be sure to read all the information carefully. For the Food Bank of Lincoln to consider your application, all information (the application, agreement, and delivery information) must be completed. Acceptance of your site under the Food Bank’s sponsorship is not official until the agreement is returned to you with a Food Bank signature. By the site signing the agreement at the same time as submitting the application the Food Bank trusts that the site is willing and able to follow all requirements found in the agreement. All sites interested in joining our program are required to submit an application, regardless of whether or not they have previously been under the Food Bank of Lincoln’s sponsorship.

Begin application process here.

If you have any questions regarding the program or application process please contact:
Jason Helgren (jhelgren@lincolnfoodbank.org - 402-904-6550 ext 102),
Kendall Pratt (kendall@lincolnfoodbank.org - 402-904-6550 ext 103), or
Alynn Sampson (asampson@lincolnfoodbank.org - 402-904-6550 ext 101).

Thank you for your interest in joining our Summer Food Service Program!

What is the Summer Food Service Program?

Children need good food all year long, even when they’re not in school. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides healthy meals to children, age 18 and younger, free of charge. With summer meals, children get the nutrition they need to learn, play and grow during vacation when they do not eat at school.

The Summer Food Service Program:

  • feeds low income children in the summer
  • gives a boost to public and private nonprofit summer programs
  • helps give low income children the best start on the new school year

For a complete list of SFSP sites in Lincoln this summer, click here.

Thank you to all of our SFSP sites for hosting this important program!

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