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Referral Agencies in Lincoln

NOTE: Almost any church can put you in touch with a pantry. If you are in need of food, contact a local pastor for assistance.

Call 211 any time for services in Nebraska, or visit: http://www.ne211.org.

Agency Phone # Address Information
Carol Yoakum Family Center 434-2621 4621 NW 48th St. Weekly food distribution 5-6 pm Mondays.
Catholic Social Services 474-1600 2241 "O" St. Apply for distribution the following day.
Center for People in Need 476-4357 3901 N. 27th St. Food distributions. Call for schedule.
Community Action Partnership 471-4515 210 "O" St. Help with utilities, etc.
FoodNet 416-6197    Daily food distribution at various locations. Call for schedule.
Friendship Home 437-9302    Emergency help for abused women and children.
Gathering Place 476-7398 1448 "E" St. Free dinners Monday-Friday. No questions asked.
General Assistance 441-3095 2202 S. 11 St., #150 Medical Assistance, food, shelter, transportation, etc.
Good Neighbor Center 477-4173 2617 "Y" St. Food, clothing, counseling. Call for appointment.
El Centro de las Americas 474-3950 210 O St. Crisis prevention/domestic violence education
Health & Human Services 2-1-1 301 Centennial Mall South Help with utilities, SNAP, economic assistance, etc.
Aging Partners 441-7070 1005 "O" St #300 Mon-Fri 8-4. For people 65 & older.
Matt Talbot Kitchen 477-4116 2121 N. 27th St. Free lunch and dinner daily. No questions asked. 
Meals on Wheels  486-8520    Home delivered hot meals. Call for details.
Mission Help Center 475-6888 6800 P St. Food, perishables, clothing, household goods. 
Northeast Family Center 471-3700 6220 Logan Ave. Call for application. Food distribution and other programs.
Peoples City Mission 475-1303 110 "Q" St. Daily meals, counseling, and emergency accommodations.
Salvation Army 474-6263 2625 Potter Food and other assistance. Call for appointment.
St Vincent de Paul 435-7968 2215 O St. Help with food and utilities, etc. Leave message.
WIC 441-8655
501 S. 7th
3140 "N" St.
Supplemental food program for mothers & infants at two locations.   
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