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5th Annual Mustache Ride: A fundraiser for the BackPack Program

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Did you know that 13,940 backpacks of food are sent home every month with kids who might not have enough food to eat over the weekend? It's true. And that was enough information for one person to get some ideas rolling...literally.

It all started with 35 or so friends on a mission for fun. They thought they would raise money for someone (or some cause) and BAM! An epic event was born!

"Word of mouth spread, and we chose to benefit the Back Pack Program through the Food Bank of Lincoln," said Leslie Lipert, the woman who's behind the Ride.

In 2016, the event included more than 200 registered riders and numerous sponsors banded together to raise a total of $13,816! For simply being goofs and doing a bicycle bar crawl these community minded riders fed 55 families for an ENTIRE school year! The cost to sponsor student receiving a food-filled BackPack every week for an entire school year is $250.

"Since this is our 5th year, I feel like it’s going to be the biggest and best yet!" Leslie said.
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Click here to support the Child Hunger program via the Mustache Ride.
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