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Faces of Hunger

Stories of the people you are helping.

Surviving on Hope


Hugo met the Food Bank of Lincoln shortly after losing his job that supported his wife and three children. SNAP Outreach workers quickly helped Hugo apply for SNAP benefits and also connected his family with many other resources available throughout the city.

"SNAP dollars were our means to survive after I lost my job. We made the food stretch as far as possible. This was a tough time for me as a man, I could no longer provide for my family," commented Hugo.

Hugo tried time and time again to find gainful employment. He was finally hired as a temp worker and that helped, but he knew that it was not going to last and again was faced with painful realities. "There were times when we would bring groceries home and the kids' eyes were huge, we all felt normal, it was pure excitement. Other times, I couldn't put gas in our only car; I didn't have a single dollar for an ice cream cone. We had Christmas with no presents. The only thing we survived on was hope. Hope that came from the Food Bank staff that did not give up on us," recalled Hugo.

Hugo's time on SNAP was luckily cut short, thanks to an organization taking a chance on him. Today, he is helping others who are in need. Trying to connect them to similar resources he was once pointed toward. Hugo's wife is also working and his family is now collecting and donating food to the Food Bank. He wants to make sure his family remembers how blessed they've been. Hugo said, "We were blessed the day were started receiving food assistance. We are again blessed and able to give some food back to those in need through our Church. It is important for my family to connect others with the Food Bank and other resources around."

"We had nothing - zero. It is possible to pick yourself up; it's not easy and often very humbling. The Food Bank was our angel."

Hugo and his family are the faces of hunger.

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Meet Shanae


Shanae is a stay at home mother of four children. Her husband works full-time but brings home a below average wage. When her family began struggling, they started receiving SNAP (Food Stamps) assistance. Her oldest daughter is a full-time student while working part-time as a way to help with transportation and schooling costs. Under SNAP guidelines, the family is required to claim her income as part of the overall family income. With the additional earnings, the family is only dollars over the income limits to qualify for benefits. This means, no more assistance.

"Nobody wants to be left wondering how they are going to provide for their family especially this time of year", commented Shanae.

For now, Shanae plans to utilize the Food Bank's Neighborhood Food Programs and provide some food for her family.

Shanae and her family are the faces of hunger.

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