LPS Emergency Pantry

In response to the high need of hungry students and their families, the Food Bank in cooperation with Leadership Lincoln and Lincoln Public Schools opened the LPS Emergency Pantry. This pantry is located at Bryan Community (300 S 48th St). The pantry is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday when elementary schools are in session from 3:00-5:30pm. Any LPS family or Catholic School family can come to the pantry to receive food assistance.  The amount of food families can have is based on family size.

The food that stocks the shelveds for this pantry is donated food from the community.

If you would like to help the LPS Emergency Pantry here's how you can help:


** Provide financial support (to support the Food Bank's effort to provide nutritious food options at the pantry)

** Donate food (See BackPack Program wish list)

** Volunteer at the pantry





Contact Alynn Sampson for more information.






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Fact: With the Food Bank's ability to turn every $.39 into one meal, we can feed a person for $1.17 per day, or $8.19 per week. A $30 donation to the Food Bank of Lincoln can feed a family of four for nearly a week.