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Agency Ordering and Inventory

Please fill out the "Monthly Reporting" documents monthly and send them back to the Food Bank of Lincoln, or fill them out using our Agency Express online ordering system.

Monthly Reporting


Ordering Deadlines and Reminders

  • We need the orders at least 2 business days ahead of their pick up or delivery time. Holidays and closed days DO NOT count as a business day. Whenever we have an event like this, you will need to submit your order day(s) before your regular schedule.
  • Pay attention to the units of measure and order accordingly.
Order Submitted ----» Order Will Be Ready
Monday BY 8 AM ----» Wednesday
Tuesday BY 8 AM ----» Thursday
Wednesday BY 8 AM ----» Monday (no appointments on Friday)
Thursday BY 8 AM ----» Monday
Friday BY 8 AM ----» Tuesday
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